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not break you down.


With all the strength training for cyclists and triathletes information geared to the younger 20-40 year old crowd it can be impossible to understand how to build a sustainable and reasonable strength program if you're a cyclist or triathlete over 50. 


That changes now.

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Stop following information for 20 and 30-somethings.


Over the last 10 years endurance athletes have finally come around to realizing that strength training is a pivotal part of keeping their bodies strong, balanced, and functioning well so that they can continue to perform out on the bike, road, or in the water. 

Researchers have begun to explore the benefits of weight training, specifically heavy weight training, and its effects on running and cycling performances, and found there are a huge number of positives to be had by cyclists, triathletes, and runners by lifting heavy:

  • Improved Bone Density

  • Greater Muscle Mass

  • Higher Power Outputs

  • Faster Performances in sport

  • Shorter¬†Recovery Times

  • Increased Glucose Sensitivity

  • Better¬†fuel utilization¬†

  • More fat burning at rest

  • Higher Level of Joint Health

Just to name a few.

But if you're not in y our 20's or 30's, there's a catch...

If you blindly follow "the research" and don't know the specific adjustments and changes that must be made for those over the age of 40, you're at a very high risk of injury or overtraining.

All The Information You Need To Train Smarter, Not Harder

As with most research in human performance, the overwhelming majority of those who the studies had as participants, were 20-something college students.


Does this mean the research is useless to you?


Absolutely not!


But it does mean that you need to know how to make the small and large changes to how you strength train, so that you can build strength and see faster, better results.

Why This Course Is So Unique

Unlike social media and online articles which are often written or made in order to get clicks and traffic by following whatever is "hot" or "trending", the Stronger After 50 Course gives you all the information you need to make informed, smart decisions about your training.


Written and produced by an Exercise Physiologist, Strength Coach, Cycling Coach, Triathlon Coach, & Performance Expert with over 20 years of experience working with real people just like you, you'll learn the science-backed approaches you need to get stronger, fitter, and and for the next 30 years.


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Your Path To Better Results

As Joe Friel points out in his book Faster After 50, there are a ton of performance that you can still build well into your 50's and beyond...

IF you know how to train appropriately.

The Stronger After 50 course offers you the shortcut to better understanding how to build your strength training program to get you better results, in less time.

This easy to follow course offers you expert insights, tips, and easy to use information that you can put into action right away.

Presented in 5-10 minute videos, you can jump in and out quickly, either at home or on the go on your laptop or smartphone.


Trainable Menu

How to stay consistent day-to-day by learning how to train with and around daily aches, pains, or changes.

Getting an Edge at 50+

Learn how to take advantage of your experiences, which gives you more wisdom.

Peri- and Post-Menopausal Changes

Considerations you need to take as your body chemistry changes.

Recovery & Adaptation Based Periodization

How to restructure your training to allow you better adaptations & recover.

The 3 Types of Training Days

Learn about the 3 types of training days, and how to take advantage of them for better, faster results, and better sustainability.

Changing Training Priorities

How to stack the odds in your favor by making a few simple, easy changes to your training week.

How To Build Strength Workouts

Learn how to get 10x more from your strength training sessions to improve your posture, breathing, recovery, mobility, and flexibility.

Expert Exercise Progressions

Take your performances to new levels with expert exercise progressions that go beyond adding more weight or doing more reps.

Life Habits & Stress

Understand how your everyday habits and stress affect your fitness, and strategies on how to better deal with them.

Balance & Stability Training

How to improve your balance and stability to reduce your risk of falling, and improve your in-sport performances.

Changes in Sleep

Why and how changes in our sleep habits and patterns happen, & strategies you can use to help you get better recovery and higher quality zzz's!

Take Your Health, Performance, & Fitness To New Levels

Whether you have already tried "following the research" only to be sore, tired, or injured or you know you need to start strength training but have this little voice inside your head telling you that there are things you don't know or are missing to do it safely and get great results, the Stronger After 50 Course is for you.

Stronger After 50 gives you simple, easy to use information that gives you a leg up, and the confidence knowing you're following high quality, proven approaches that keep you healthy, fit, strong, and moving well.

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