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Stronger After 50 is the only course for masters cyclists & triathletes over 50, and their coaches, to learn how to train smarter, not harder for you and your specific needs.


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Learn how your training approaches need to change for better results. 


Learn how to appropriately progress & plan strength training to keep you healthy, gain strength, and performance.


Gain the skills & knowledge to continue to get faster, have great posture, and improve your recoverability.

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What does the course cover?

7 Chapters cover:

  • Changes for individuals over 50
  • Foundations of programming for those 50+
  • Recovery & Adaptation
  • The Strength Program
  • Appropriate loading strategies
  • Progressions (not just more weight or more difficult exercises)
  • Managing Stress
  • Changes is sleep & effects on performance
Finally! A Course for coaches and self-coached individuals that helps you understand (in plain english) how to train in your 50's, so you can feel better than you did in your 20's!


Only $99


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