Learn the skills & develop the tools to write strength training programs
for cyclists



Human Vortex Training's Strength Training for Cycling Certification is the leading course for coaches and fitness professionals to learn how to write strength training programs for cycling specific results.



You'll learn the exact assessments, systems, and decision processes to build extremely effective strength training plans for your athletes and clients that work. 


Learn how to assess your rider, build an incredibly effective strength program with corrective exercises, plyometrics, and strength, all woven in for fantastic cycling specific results, improved posture, and more resiliency.




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What does this course offer Cycling Coaches & Fitness Professionals?


Cyclists have unique demands placed on them during our sports. While many have mistakenly believed that copying these demands is a way to improve "sport-specific" performance, the real answer is to work to balance out the poor postures and positions we spend so much time in. 

This course teaches you how to build a truly cycling-specific program that not only improves on-bike performance, but also off-bike posture, breathing, and strength.


This course gives you a deeper understanding of how to look at strength training and strength training exercises, allowing you to know what changes and adaptations to make for each rider, to help them get the most from their time and efforts.

Gain confidence in your programming abilities and know that you are making the best choices in the face of limited time. This confidence, along with the assessment tools and skills, will help you to build powerful strength training programs that bring about on-bike performance gains, and happier, healthier clients.


Access 90+ exercise technique videos from the course resources library, helping you find an exercise variation to fit any rider at any level.

But this is NOT just a course in theory! 

There are tons of practical applications, including walking through the building of a training program & seeing real assessment videos of riders just like yours. 

You'll also get over 75 Exercise Progressions and Regressions, helping you know you're choosing the right exercise, for the right athlete, every time.

Join coaches from around the world who are now teaching & coaching strength training to their cyclists & triathletes with more effectiveness and power.

  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Austrailia
  • Portugal
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • China
  • And more!


The Strength Training for Cyclists Course is approved for the following CEU's

1.7 NSCA CEU's




This Strength Training for Cyclists Certification Course is approved for the following CEU's:

1.7 NSCA CEU's

1.6 NASM CEU's


8 USA Cycling CEU's

5 USA Triathlon CEU's

That means you earn approved CEU's for numerous certifications, making your life much easier as an elite coach or trainger with just one course- The Strength Training for Cycling Certification!

How does the Strength Training for Cyclists Certification Course help me?

Gain cutting-edge training approaches, strategies, and assessment tools to help you maximize your performance, to get out of pain, smash through plateaus, and perform better than ever!

Not only do you get a deep dive and the exact skills and tools you need to build strength training programs that work for your cyclists (and triathletes) to see improved function, strength on the bike, and improved recovery, but you also earn CEU's!

This course has been approved for:

1.7 NSCA CEU's (category C)

1.6 NASM CEU's


8 USA Cycling CEU's

5 USA Triathlon CEU's


And is awaiting CEU award from NASM and AFAA

Myths and misconceptions are widely found in the world of strength training for cyclists:

From the low weight & high reps, or High weight & low reps are the "only ways to train endurance athletes"

To the "lots and lots of jumps/ plyometrics"

and "Strength training is only an off-season activity" 

You'll learn the EXACT reasons why each of these is false, and have the knowledge and tools to build highly effective training programs!

You'll gain the knowledge accrued through work with over 10,000 athletes from around the world to get performance results on the bike, and better function off the bike.

There is an entire chapter dedicated to helping you understand how to work with juniors, women, and masters athletes to meet their specific and unique needs.

You'll learn the exact methods and systems to properly and thoroughly assess your riders movements on and off the bike, so you can build them an individualized strength training program that will help them meet their specific needs.

Get a deep understanding of the 5 stages of strength training and which 4 EVERY rider must go through in order to see performance gains.

You'll learn exactly how to build strength training programs throughout the entire training year, allowing better overall health, faster recovery time, and greater strength where it counts- On the bike.

Cycling and triathlon have unique demands on the body, unlike any other sports. This means the standard exercise progressions often times don't work, leaving their coach or trainer needing to "wing it".

The Strength Training for Cyclists Certification gives you over 75 exercise progressions and regressions that will help you and your athlete or client gain far superior training results!

Once you purchase the Strength Training for Cyclists Certification course, you get lifetime access, including all future additions and content updates.

Due to the high demand of cycling & triathlon coaches from around the world wanting to learn the most up to date and cutting edge approaches to helping their athletes and clients get far more out of their strength training, the Strength Training for Cyclists Certification is a self-paced, 100% online course.

Coaches from around the world have taken the Strength Training for Cyclists Certification including cycling & triathlon coaches in Argentina, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and more!

Yes, this course covers far more than the book, including many topics the book does not:

  • On-bike assessments
  • Off-bike assessments
  • A Deep Dive into building a training program and plan
  • Athlete Intake process
  • Athlete Interview
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Exercise Progressions

    and much, much more!

While this course is focused on cyclists, you don't just learn a one-size-fits-all approach. You learn the systems, assessments, and thought processes you need to make highly accurate and effective decisions about your client or athletes needs, and how to build their program to meet those needs.

This means that triathlon coaches will get a ton out of this course, and be able to immediately apply it to their athletes or clients as well.

In fact, a number of triathlon coaches have taken the course, and gotten a lot out of it!


The Strength Training for Cyclists Certification course gives your the skills, tools, and systems you need to work with cyclists in all disciplines:

  • Road cycling
  • Adventure Sport
  • Grand Fondo
  • Time Trial
  • Criterium
  • Mountain Biking
  • Enduro
  • XC
  • BMX
  • Gravel
  • Track

You'll learn how to assess the athlete in front of you, figure out their needs, their strengths & weaknesses, so you can build a highly effective and dialed in strength training program for that athlete, at that time.

This gets the results they expect, and need, no matter their chosen discipline.


The Strength Training for Cyclists Certification covers everything from the foundations of strength training, all the way up to the exact special needs and demands that must be taken into account for cyclists to see in-sport improvements from their strength training.

The course itself is around 8 hours long.

However there are additional resources, which if you choose to dive into, can add more time- it's up to you!

The course is self paced, and while you could complete it in a single day, we recommend no more than 1 module (chapter) a week, which is between 1-3 hours, as there is a lot of information to absorb.

You'll also want to take some additional time to apply and practice what you've learned.

Yes, There is an 3 month Inner Circle Program, which allows a small group of students to have live monthly group video calls with Coach Brodie, where he answers your questions, and gives you an even deeper insight into strength training for cyclists.

There is also a private group for those students to interact & ask questions.

Technically, yes, but it depends.

Coach Brodie does offer 1 on 1 Mentorships which last 6 months. However these spots are extremely limited, and available only when Coach Brodie's current Mentees complete their 6 months. 

While this often coincides with the opening of enrollment for the Certification, it's not always the case.

Extremely easy!

The course includes Cheat Sheets so you can quickly and easily build, adapt, or adjust on the fly, knowing that you're using a proven method, and systems that will help get your athlete or client fantastic results!

I firmly believe that you'll find this course to blow away your expectations, that it won't be an issue. But if for some reason it's not a fit for you, I'll be happy to give you a full refund within the first 30 days. 

I stand behind this course being one of the most thorough, comprehensive, and exceptional courses available in the fitness & endurance sports worlds.

The Strength Training for Cyclists Certification course has two enrollment periods:

  1. Spring 
  2. Fall

The Fall 2020 Enrollment Period will open October 14-24, at which point the course will close until Spring 2021.

There are not exceptions.

Strength Training for Cyclists Certification

Gain 100% confidence in your abilities to assess your athletes and write highly successful strength training programs FOR CYCLISTS.

My Strength Training for Cyclists Certification is the first complete, practical certification for coaches and athletes who want to learn how to write strength training programs that actually boost on-bike performances, NOT add muscle mass or just make you "gym strong".


Learn the EXACT expert assessment steps and tools to dial in your programming for your athletes needs


Learn expert approaches to strength training through the year to progress & improve riding


Help your athletes train smarter, not harder with the proven Vortex Method

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Strength Training for Cycling Certification is a no-risk course, with a 30 day money-back Guarantee. That means that if you're not happy with the course, for any reason in the first 30 days, you get your money back.

6-Pay Payment plan!

Want to get started today, but need to spread the payments out? No problem! The 6-pay payment plan gives you the option to make 6 monthly payments of $99


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